22.02.1915: Towel received

Military mail sent by Franz Mack to his parents showing a picture of Conflans-en-Jarnisy from 22.02.1915:

Dear loved ones!

Received the photograph and the package containing the towel. I am pleased all of you are sending in so rapidly. The adjunct “subsitude” is no longer part of my adress. My godmother wants to send me a photograph. I will append my signature to it soon.

See you again


Feldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg ConflansFeldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg Conflans

From the german daily war bulletin from 22.02.1915:
“Yesterday it was rather quiet in the champagne region also. The number of captured frenchmen from the last battles fought there has increased to 15 officers and over 1000 men. The bloody causalities of the enemy came out as exceptional heavy.”
Source: www.stahlgewitter.com/15_02_22.htm

Postcard read by Christian Mack (click to play audio):

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