03.03.1915: Send me one more package!

Military mail sent by Franz Mack to his parents showing a picture of Étain from 03.02.1915:

Dear loved ones!

Received a package from my godfather today. Alois (Franz Macks younger brother, C.M.) told me about 5 postcards, 3 of them I received already. I won’t be in town for the next 8 days. So send me one more package. After the war ends we will offset.

See you again


03.02.1915 Etain Front03.02.1915 Etain Rück

From the german daily war bulletin from 03.03.1915:
“Near St. Eloi, south of Ypres, an attack of two english companies was defeated.”
Source: www.stahlgewitter.com/15_03_03.htm

Postcard read by Christian Mack (click to play audio):

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