22.03.1915: It’s time for peace

Military mail sent by Franz’ brother-in-law Karl Engelhardt to the Mack family showing a picture of Tournai from 22.03.1915:

Dear loved ones!

I’m currently here, as you might have heard from my Marie (Franz Macks younger sister, C.M.) sending you this postcard. Now Alois is gone too (Franz Macks younger Brother, who went to war too, C.M.), who would have thought, may god protect him, would be about time, long awaited peace came, let’s hope for the best. Please notice my new address, hope to see you all again soon

Your son-in-law Karl

Kind regards to Grete (Franz Macks younger sister C.M.) and Lini (Franz Macks youngest sister Karolina, C.M.)

Feldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg TournaiFeldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg Tournai

From the german daily war bulletin from 12.03.1915:
“A nocturnal effort by the french to capture our emplacements south of Loretto-Höhe failed.
Another night attack by the french in the Champagne area north of Le Mesnil turned out to be a failure too.
Attemts by the french to reconquer the emplacement at the Reichsackerkopf were unsuccessful.”
Source: www.stahlgewitter.com/15_03_22.htm

Postcard read by Christian Mack (click to play audio):

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