11.03.1915: Eggs just a little damaged

Military mail sent by Franz Mack to his parents showing a picture of Apremont-la-Forêt from 11.03.1915:

Dear loved ones!

Today I received package No 6. The eggs were just a little damaged. Send me packages every three days, for I dont’ have the opportunity to buy anything no more and I don’t have enough. I already received the second package from Stößel.


Feldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg ApremontFeldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg Apremont

From the german daily war bulletin from 11.03.1915:
“In the Champagne area the french attacked the forest east of Souain, from which they were expelled two days ago. Both attacks were denied violently.”
Source: www.stahlgewitter.com/15_03_11.htm

Postcard read by Christian Mack (click to play audio):

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