12.03.1915: Bouillonville means Meatbrothcity

Military mail sent by Franz Mack to his parents showing a picture of Bouillonville from 12.03.1915:

Once I stood on this bridge. This is where we were photographed. Sadly I didn’t get any photos. The pencil stroke represents the railway track. The rails hang down like a wire now. The metal parts were slammed deeply into the ground. (Please preserve this postcard)



Please tell father I hope he gets well soon

Bouillonville means Meatbrothcity.

Feldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg BouillonvilleFeldpostkarte Erster Weltkrieg Bouillonville

From the german daily war bulletin from 12.03.1915:
“All quiet in the Champagne area.
Not many encounters in the Vosges Mountains due to heavy snowfall.”
Source: www.stahlgewitter.com/15_03_12.htm

Postcard read by Christian Mack (click to play audio):

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